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At SudoTouch, we like to dream BIG and provide solutions to enhance experiences. Our talented team has decades of experience developing conventional and web-based software solutions; we've gotten our hands dirty in some interesting industries. Our PM, UX, UI, and SE talent create some insane, user-centric, integrated systems and we love to see the end-users enjoy using our applications that solve real problems.
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See below for some of our most prominent applications and components, which can be ready for deployment to your organization after some customization by our talented team. Our Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) web-based solutions may be exactly what you are looking for, so don’t hesitate to reach out directly for more information!

Contract Attribute Integration System (CAIS)™

As a government employee, uniformed service member, or contractor, CAIS is a web-based modular software component that aggregates and prioritizes the specific attributes of complex US Government contracts used to enable the business logic of dependent applications. Serving as a centralized and transparent source of information, CAIS simplifies communication between government organizations and feeds into a variety of applications that require contract validity data to determine access to areas and information.

Restricted Area Access Nomination Evaluation Tool (RAANET)™

RAANET is a web-based software application for use by US Air Force and US Space Force management of access to controlled and restricted areas. It operates in a manner congruent with the processes outlined in AF IMT 2586, Unescorted Entry Authorization Certificate, and governing regulations. RAANET integrates applicable contract data and governs the workflow for nomination, approval by cognizant authorities, management of accessed individuals, access revocation, and complex record management requirements.

Web Application Indoctrination System (WAIS)™

WAIS is a web-based modular software component that enables control of workflow actions with integrated business logic from multiple sources. WAIS is utilized in the aggregation of qualitative and quantitative information and the presentation of that information to a human being, who makes the action decision. Integrated to software with an online interface as a non-downloadable component of dependent applications, SudoTouch’s software production team can customize WAIS to solve unique workflow management issues in a manner that is PKI-enabled and safe for sensitive data. Goodbye email workflows and encryption complexity for the end user!

System Access Nomination Evaluation Tool (SANET)™

SANET is a web-based software application for use within the Federal information system enterprise that manages access to controlled computer systems and networks. It operates in a manner congruent with the processes outlined in DD Form 2875, System Authorization Access Request, and governing regulations. SANET integrates applicable contract data and governs the workflow for nomination, approval by cognizant authorities, management of accessed individuals, access revocation, and complex record management requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who owns the data entered into SudoTouch’s applications? Will we be stuck in “vendor lock”?


A: The customer (end user) owns the data, and SudoTouch makes no claim of ownership to it. Once the application is deployed, all data is controlled by the owning enterprise. We don’t need or want to restrict/control the data your enterprise utilizes. We do not sell your data. Actually, we intentionally engineer the application so that the operational data is restricted or not visible to our team members who may be providing technical support.
End user data can be extracted and utilized according to the customer’s needs, and we can customize this output as the user sees fit. This enables the enterprise to utilize the vendor best suited to solve unique operational problems.

Q: If I am still mandated to use a specific government form by regulation, how can I utilize this software?


A: Applications are engineered to augment your ability to do your job! Software applications can provide PDF outputs with the data populated on the official form should it be required.

Q: Some of the data for these things looks sensitive. How do I ensure that it is safely storing my data and not subject to compromise?


A: Applications are hosted in the government cloud and are subject to operational review and control by DoD Platform One.

From the first written line of computer code, the codebase for all applications is ran directly through automated scanning processes owned exclusively by the DoD. This process looks for things like malicious logic, errors in coding, etc.

Comparing software development to the manufacturing of a GSA security container (safe) for a SCIF or secure room is a good analogy to understand this process. When a GSA container is built, the facility is authorized to do so by the GSA. The container is constructed with specified standards by authorized people. Once it is deployed an authorized working environment, the end user puts material in it. An authorized repair technician may be contacted for assistance as required.

Software development and deployment for the DoD follows a similar path. The applications are constructed congruent with DoD standards by authorized people with the appropriate background check or clearance (if applicable). The software is given ATO by the appropriate DoD agency. After construction, the application is deployed to an authorized location. Visibility of data is restricted to authorized end users, but a software engineer may be contacted for assistance as required.

Q: Can SudoTouch’s applications share data with our other systems?


A: If you want the application to “talk” to other software within your enterprise (API), we can easily make it work assuming the following conditions are met:
– Cybersecurity requirements do not prohibit the API connection
– The owning agency for the external application authorizes the connection
– The external application has an API that allows the connection

Q: How long does it take to deploy an application to my organization?


A: It’s not possible to give a universal answer because these highly-specialized applications are specifically customized to fit the needs of your organization, and that’s what makes them so awesome! Rollout time can vary from immediate to several months depending on the complexity and unique attributes of the processes in your organization(s).

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